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Living in Danang

accDanang is Vietnam’s most tourist friendly city with a population of close to a million. Wide boulevards and light traffic make it an easy city to learn to ride a motorbike and explore the local region. Seafood is plentiful and cheap. For a change from the amazing local fare, KFC and Lotteria can also be found in town. Just half an hour away are many historical sites, including Hue, the My Son ruins and Hoi An. Danang is located in the middle of Vietnam, an hour’s flight between Hanoi and Ho Cho Minh City. ¬†Nearby you can develop your surf skills in your spare time, on the long stretch of tantalizing beaches known as China Beach (My Khe). Average temperature is about 26C, the highest is 30-34C in June, July, August, the lowest is 18-23C in December, January and February. In Ba Na Mountain, the temperature is 20C. ¬†Average rainfall is 2,505mm per year, concentrated during October and November. Come surf, scuba dive and enjoy ancient Vietnamese culture all while earning your TESOL certification with Danang’s only accredited TESOL training school!

Have fun and play in Danang!

Accommodation Options

INTESOL Vietnam will assist you in finding accommodation in Danang City as part of our pre-departure support service. Rooms in hotels and guesthouses start at USD 10/night. We can also assist you in finding private and shared apartments. You can expect monthly rent to be between $150 to $250 for a room in a shared apartment, and between $300 – $550 for a private apartment, depending on size and location. Your utilities bill will be around $100, depending on your aircon use. Contact us for a consultation and we can discuss your requirements for accommodation and let you know what is available to suit your budget and needs.

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